Oh, it’s definitely important!! I didn’t want to get into that too heavily because I just wanted to focus on how devastating it can feel to know the potential of something and have it snuffed out … and I didn’t think my post would get quite so much attention lskfjlwe HI EVERYONE FOR THAT MATTER???

I said kinda briefly in my post that Spock returns to the bridge in Star Trek XI of his own volition. His arc has been about dealing with/accepting his human side, and once he’s told by his father that hey, Vulcans love, I loved your mother so I did what the fuck I wanted to and married her, he’s able to put a lot of things back into perspective and get ahold of himself and his emotions. And likely other Spocky things too, I’m not the Spock expert but feel free to come to me for Jim Kirk meta at any and all times just sayin

But I think it’s seriously important that he returns to Jim’s side without any knowledge of the alternate timeline - or, that is, any knowledge of who/what he and Jim are in that timeline - and that this tentative partnership takes them from barking orders on the bridge of the Enterprise to having each others’ backs in an unexpected firefight on the Narada to “Spock! It’ll work.” Jim gets to see this with the knowledge of the alternate timeline bouncing around making questions in his head, and so maybe he gets to see, “… okay I can see why this could work,” whereas Spock must be thinking how unexpected it is to see Jim so willing to work with him after, well, the Vulcan launched him into space.

It’s important that Spock in particular has this Narada-oh-wow-we-can-work-together-civilly evidence prior to returning to Earth because it only helps to substantiate Spock Prime’s claim - if it were the other way around, and he learned of their friendship first? I’m not sure, maybe the same thing would have happened, but I can’t help but feel like he’d be skeptical without some cold hard facts first, and Jim’s back pressing up against his while they shoot up some Romulans is pretty much as hard as facts get.

Also, I think you could argue that Jim wouldn’t have wanted to include Spock at all unless he was told/shown how epic their friendship was supposed to be before he returned to the Enterprise. I mean, it’s hard for me to say because I’m so far gone into space husbandry and Jim is a good person but with the knowledge he’s been given, he’s going to put forth a little extra effort. Not enough to make him un-Jim, or to bear all of the responsibility (because let’s face it, Spock’s a dick), but enough where he might waaaaaaaaaaant desperately to do things one way and instead take a mental step back and try it another. This also could have a lot to do with being told he’s supposed to be captain as well.

I’m not saying it’s the sole reason or purpose behind their friendship at all. It’s really more of… I dunno, a back pocket sort of deal? Like, they’re both fucking curious about it, curious enough to work together again, but I think the influence of the Tales of Their Defining Friendship stops there? Sort of?? I mean in the way that it doesn’t solely govern their actions - Jim isn’t going to sit in the officer mess every day and go MAN I SHOULD EAT WITH SPOCK BECAUSE WE’RE SOULMATES IDK, he’s gonna go fucking sit with Bones and Sulu while Spock eats logically with science nerds and Uhura or something. But it might make him turn to Spock one day and ask, “hey, do you like chess?”

I said before that they’re both stubborn, soooo much more stubborn than their Original Timeline counterparts, so that means regardless of whatever and whoever they were supposed to be, they’re going to do things their way. Jim’s had enough of trying to live up to people - his father, for one thing, and that’s a guy he never knew - so he’s not about to try and live up to himself, because what the Freud is even that. It would terrify him, being expected to be every single excellent thing that his original/alternate self was supposed to be, so he’s not going to put much stock into making himself into something he’s not - something he feels he can’t be.

Even though he already sort of is, effortlessly.

(Did I mention you should come to me for reboot!Jim Kirk meta)

sldkfwekr But at the same time I don’t really like the stories that focus solely on “well that Vulcan guy who clearly knows what he’s talking about is just WRONG so eff you loser you can’t sit with us" and such where they deliberately try to fight destiny? Regardless of whether or not they end up together in the end (lbr), idk, I just… it never sits well with me. ME, PERSONALLY. ONLY ME. It is quite fine to read, write, and like these stories and see merit in them!! I’m just talking about my personal tastes here okay disclaimer over. The original timeline will never be theirs, and these two get that so they aren’t even going to try, but I don’t think it’s the same thing as just attempting to go their separate ways.

Idk, I guess it’s a balance. They don’t fight destiny tooth and nail, but they also don’t look at their watches and say “oops, it’s soulmate bonding hour with Spock, I’d better brush my teeth.” They just… continue being who they are, and are likely just as surprised as anyone else when they start to find it actually works.

I HOPE THAT ANSWERED YOUR CONCERNS??? oh my god barfs words everywhere I’m sorry I have a lot of Trek feels you understand. I’ll have to look into that fic, I feel like that author name is familiar… thanks for leaving such a cool ask in my box, yo! ♥

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